hippoHIPAA Federal regulations require that all providers and health plans that transmit patient information electronically must be in compliance with HIPAA regulations. Dr. Fucinari will deliver to health care professionals an in-depth review and analysis of the HIPAA Privacy Rule, the HIPAA Security Rule and the process for adopting and using the new National Provider Identifier. Special emphasis will be made on the practical implementation aspects of these regulations for health care providers. Ample opportunity for audience interaction will be offered. Securely locking down electronic transmission of patient protected health information is required. HIPAA compliance demands an ongoing effort to utilize available resources to bring about regulatory security. Dr. Mario simplifies the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules with sensible, scalable, solutions to prepare for HIPAA compliance. It does not take an IT expert to bring the small provider’s practice into compliance. Remember, HIPAA requires that all staff and doctors be trained in the HIPAA Rules and Regulations. Dr. Mario Fucinari is a Certified Insurance Consultant, a member of the International Association for Privacy Professionals (IAPP) and author of the book, HIPAA Security Rule: Practical Solutions For the Chiropractic Office.


What Others are Saying...

“I never thought I’d say this about a HIPAA seminar, but this one was both informative & interesting. I would recommend this seminar to new & old chiropractors alike, so they can see just how it should be done.” – B. W., DC, Richlands, VA
  • Criteria for Electronic Transactions
  • What is PHI?
  • Contents of the HIPAA Binder
  • The Privacy Rule and Employees
  • “12-Step Program” to Privacy Rule Compliance
  • HIPAA Requirements for Staff Training
  • HIPAA Security Regulations, Standards and Implementation
  • Specifications Required Documentation for Business Associates
  • Privacy Officer and Security Officer Requirements
  • How to Conduct a Risk Analysis of the Office
  • Top 10 Checklist to Achieve HIPAA Security Compliance
  • Identifying the Critical Threats and Vulnerabilities to PHI
  • Transaction and Code Set Standards
  • In-depth Review of the National Provider Identifier (NPI)