The NEW 2019 Edition of ICD-10 Coding of the Top 100 Conditions for the Chiropractic Office

Dr. Mario Fucinari has once again taken the guesswork out of coding with the 2019 edition of ICD-10 Coding of the Top 100 Conditions for the Chiropractic Office.

Starting October 1, 2018, changes and modifications for the ICD-10 code new fiscal year will go into effect. Many codes that chiropractors have been using will be modified, deleted or additional codes added.  Keep your office in compliance with this essential 2019 edition.

The sixth edition of this ICD-10 coding book includes the top codes used by chiropractors and conversions of the ICD-10 codes to the new revision.

The book provides:

  • Top 100 codes with descriptors converted to an easy to read ICD-10 format
  • 2019 Updated Guidelines and Rules of ICD-10 Usage
  • Rules and helpful tips of ICD-10 coding are provided
  • Chapter on consultation forms and coding of headaches
  • Medicare ICD-10 codes for 2019
  • Chapter Rules describing how to apply the unique rules for the conditions treated in your office
  • Explanation of the A, D, and S Ordinality rules
  • All spinal level and laterality rules of ICD-10
  • Diagnosis guidelines with tips for the best codes to use with various CPT codes such as Trigger Point Therapy, Rehabilitation and Massage
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7 reviews for ICD-10 Coding of the Top 100 Conditions for the Chiropractic Office – Sixth Ed. (2019)

  1. Matt Chenault, D.C.

    Great book, easy to use and love the Z codes, which are complicating factors. Recommend it to anyone, thanks Mario

  2. Chris Szpila, DC (verified owner)

    I subscribe to an electronic billing service that converts ICD9 to ICD10, but Mario explains the how and why aspect. This book will definitely help you to understand ICD10 much better than if you did your own research.

  3. Stu Steiger, DC (verified owner)

    It is a concise overview. You can call it “ICD10 for Dummies” or if your are as old as I am … It is the Cliff Notes for ICD10. Recommended.

  4. N/A (verified owner)

    The book should be entitled “ICD-10 Made Easy”.

  5. N/A (verified owner)

    Mario’s products are very useful and worth the cost.

  6. David Neubauer, D.C., HealthSource Director of Training (verified owner)

    I have read, studied and re-read Dr. Fucinari’s book, “ICD-10 Coding of the Top 100 Conditions for the Chiropractic Office” and the theme that keeps to popping in my head relates to a quote by Leonard da Vinci who said, “Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication”. I truly appreciate the masterpiece of work Dr. Mario put together. MOST chiropractors use somewhere in the neighborhood of thirty to fifty diagnosis’ ninety-nine percent of the time when caring for patients. Even FIFTY diagnosis’ in the ICD – 9 system translates to somewhere around 200 diagnosis’ in the new. It makes me think back to my first week in chiropractic school when I was asked to memorize the Greek and Latin names for 206 bones in the body. At first, I thought it was almost impossible… certainly a difficult task to accomplish. Several weeks later the names of all 206 were part of my regular vocabulary. I believe the same will happen with ICD – 10 coding system and Dr. Fucinari’s guide, “ICD-10 Coding of the Top 100 Conditions for the Chiropractic Office” makes it that much easy to learn.

  7. Pamela Johnson (verified owner)

    We have purchased the previous editions and find the information contained within essential to correct coding. This guide, like the previous guides, is well organized, complete, up-to-date and most importantly – reliable. Thanks to the Fucinari team for publishing an indispensable coding guide for the chiropractic office!

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