Compliance Audit of the Chiropractic Office

Keep the money you earned.
What will happen when you are targeted by an auditor?

Is your chiropractic office prepared for an audit? Are your records prepared? Blue Cross, Aetna & Medicare have increased audits. Bring the Recovery Team to your office for personalized documentation, coding, and compliance consulting. Dr. Fucinari’s Recovery Team will work tirelessly to evaluate your office and/or records to help you spot your deficiencies to prepare you for an insurance audit.

Compliance Audit of the Office

Our team will come to you for an on-site inspection of your office and records while you see your patients.

  • On-Site Inspection of the outside and inside of the premises for compliance
  • Chart Review for each provider with written report (minimum 10 charts)
  • EOB Analysis for each provider
  • Accounts Receivable Analysis
  • Inspection for Federal and state anti-kickback laws
  • Inspection for Stark law violations
  • Review of office documentation for NCQA and Meaningful Use Guidelines
  • Establishment of proper patient consent issues
  • Medicare guidelines, coding and documentation compliance
  • ALL Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Regulations
  • Inspection for OSHA and CLIA Guidelines
  • Generation of the mandatory Code of Conduct and the Whistleblower Policy
  • E/M Guidelines Establishment
  • Complete Personalized Compliance Manual with available training for all staff and providers of the office
  • One month e-mail, fax and telephone support
  • Complete confidentiality
  • We do the compliance work, while you see your patients!

Starting at $1,200 plus expenses. Contact for pricing. Call Dr. Mario Fucinari at (217) 433-2405 or email

Some may know compliance, but they know little about the chiropractic office. Some know chiropractic procedures, but really don’t know about compliance. Dr. Fucinari is a Certified Insurance Consultant and a Certified Professional Compliance Officer. Read more about Dr. Mario Fucinari here.