Are you in need of insurance compliance help?

Dr. Mario Fucinari, Certified Professional Compliance Officer (CPCO), can help you.

Dr. Mario Fucinari will provide one-on-one personal coaching to discuss your compliance concerns.

To begin your coaching session, you must purchase a half hour (or up to one hour) session for $175. Each subsequent half hour or any part thereof afterwards is an additional $175. Please provide your contact information upon checkout.

Need more time? Purchase 2+ units.

Common coaching topics:

  • 21st Century Cures Act & HIPAA Compliance Programs
  • Medicare Billing, Coding & Documentation Issues
  • General Insurance Billing, Coding & Documentation Issues
  • Medicare & General Insurance Appeals
  • Insurance Investigation or Recoupment Concerns
  • Whistleblower Policy
  • Other Healthcare Compliance Issues

6 reviews for Personal Coaching with Dr. Mario Fucinari

  1. Lisa (verified owner)

    Excellent information in a very understandable format. Thanks Mario!!

  2. Angie

    Dr Mario did an amazing job explaining in detail everything we needed to know in regards to how to handle all the COVID-19. Very personable and interesting to listen to!

  3. Phil Wilkinson

    Very informative and detailed talk. I was able to guide the areas I wanted some help in and Dr. Fucinari went over in an efficient manner. Would highly recommend.

  4. Emily Brueggeman (verified owner)

    Excellent resource! Dr. Fucinari answers questions clearly and provides great direction.

  5. Zoe Loyd (verified owner)

    He is personable and well informed, it’s worth a call!

  6. Nancy Trimboli-Bogie (verified owner)

    I’ve taken advantage of the phone consultations with Dr Mario a couple of times. He is a straight shooter and has a wealth of information about documentation, and compliance. He tailored his advice to my specific needs.

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