Chiropractic’s Role in Preventing and Treating Pickleball Injuries

Since its invention in 1965, pickleball has gained immense popularity recently, attracting players of all ages and skill levels. The United States Pickleball Association reports that over 36.5 million pickleball players currently play the game. The Sports & Fitness Association (SFIA) named pickleball the fastest-growing sport in America for the third straight year. Along with the sport’s increase in popularity, injuries have also become more frequent, resulting in $250-500 million in medical costs this year.1 The most common injuries include strains/sprains, fractures and contusions.2 Chiropractors, with our holistic approach to care, are natural leaders in the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries. We can treat pickleball-related injuries and counsel our patients on preventive measures to lessen the sport’s injuries while helping them excel at their game.

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Commonly Misused Modifiers

In the English language, modifiers describe information such as the who, what, how, why, or where of a situation. In coding, modifiers also describe information. Using a modifier correctly will clarify a situation or service. Often in chiropractic, confusion as to the proper use of modifiers may result in denials and unnecessary time correcting claims that were unjustly denied.

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Does Exercise Therapy Really Help Low Back Pain?

Exercise therapy, including general exercise, yoga, pilates, and motor control exercise, has been shown to modestly decrease pain in chronic lower back pain. Exercise therapy may improve function and decrease work disability in sub-acute and chronic lower back pain. Exercise therapy has not been associated with improvement in acute low back pain.

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Unfair Recoupment Practices Struck Down in Illinois

As providers, when we perform medically necessary services, we expect to be reimbursed for these services. Once reimbursement is received, it seems that the money is safe in the bank, but that was not always the case. Insurance companies could seemingly come into the picture anytime they want and recoup the money.  That was true until recently in Illinois, when the governor signed into law time limits for recoupment.

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The Standard of Care is the Backbone of Risk Management

We are faced with the ongoing threat of COVID-19. The chiropractic philosophy is ingrained in our minds, but as physicians, we must also rely on the scientific evidence emerging on this threat. Ultimately, to minimize the danger of exposure and possible death, we must assess the risk, rely on recommendations for our communities, and act in the best interest of our patients, our staff, and our families.

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Wrongful billing results in $2.6M settlement and 10-year exclusion from federal health care programs

Avoid compliance and billing mistakes like this chiropractor's story from Houston! If you have questions on how to bill properly, schedule a one-on-one personal compliance coaching session with Dr. Mario Fucinari now.

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